"A Day in the Garden"

As we emerge from a very difficult year, nature prevails and a new spring is blossoming. A "New Reality" emerges...one we faintly recall from 14 months ago when we could visit, hug, and converse without worrying about the elusive and invisible C word. However, God and nature heals all...and so it goes, healing is upon the land as springtime 2021 unfolds. Soon the garden spots will be home again to social gatherings, concerts on the lawns, music at twilight, picnics, family reunions and more. New life and new beginnings...it is Spring again. To go to the product page of any quilt shown in this blog you may click on the image or any underlined text for more information.

Pops and Momma Rose have chosen Paul J. Ciener Botanical Gardens as their 2021 location for  photographing the art quilts designed, pieced, and hand quilted during the depths of the pandemic. What was sown in the darkest of times now comes to light and it seems all is new again...the flowers, the birds, our people and their spirits, and of course, our beautiful art quilts. ENJOY as we unfold our 2021 Art Quilt Collection in the Ciener Botanical Gardens in the Heart of the Triad...quaint little  Kernersville, NC. 

 The art quilt shown here is "Ol' Chevy" heavily influenced by the techniques of one of Pops favorite art quilters, Maria Shell of Anchorage, Alaska and her improv process of making custom stripes from solid cotton fabric and controlling the colors to make a palette of choice. "Ol Chevy" acquired its' name from the classic herringbone pattern that provides the dominant design element for this quilt. The bold colors of spring in the sunshine reign over the flowing waters of the fountain into the pool below. To go to the product page of any quilt shown in this blog you may click on the image or the title.

"Wonky Squares" is one of our favorites in this seasons release of art quilts. Featuring an irregular edge and wonky cut squares formed by solid log cabin rows this design took hours to layout on the design wall. Nothing was planned ahead...just the assembly of various quirky and colorful log cabin blocks. Patient placement and replacement of the blocks on the design wall paid off and finally one day Momma Rose said it was done, and "Wonky Squares" was born. Click on  "Wonky Squares" to discover the details of this art quilt and the options available to the decorator of home or office.


The art quilt pictured above is "Color Bars" by Momma Rose and once again the custom stripe process paid off in a striking art quilt. Click on the images or quilt name to get more info about how to incorporate art quilts on your wall as fine art. Fine art prints are available to provide multiple options for sizing and media. "Gees Bend 1" shown below is one of Momma Rose's art quilt creations based upon the custom made stripe techniques practiced by Maria Shell. As the three log cabin blocks emerged on the design wall the characteristics of the iconic Gees Bend quilts emerged and hence the name "Gees Bend 1". This beautiful spot in the Ciener Botanical Gardens with the hand carved stone bowl on a rustic wooden base provided the vertical setting needed to show off the work of Momma Rose .

It's time to get outside and enjoy nature's bounty and beauty. Because many of us will continue to work from home in the years ahead  there is no better time than now to make your space special. Bring the beautiful bold colors of nature inside with a unique handmade creation by Pops and Momma Rose Art. Until the next time...Pops and Momma Rose wish you a happy and wonderful spring with new growth, new friendships, and of course, NEW ART QUILTS.